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Introducing: Mount Moiwa

So, the information in today’s blog post is brought to you by Will (the current Social Bus intern). But the pictures and some of the commentary and brought to you my Peta and Ayumi – who are sharing some of their personal fun times sightseeing Mount Moiwa with friends from overseas!

We definitely recommend a visit, either by hike or ropeway, when you come to Sapporo!

Mount Moiwa views

At 531 meters, rising peacefully above south-west Sapporo, Mt.Moiwa is the tallest mountain in the Sapporo area. While there are many things to see on Mt.Moiwa (it’s home to a forest boasting over 160 different species of vegetation) the most famous is of course it’s yakei, Japanese for night-view.

Difficult to get a decent capture of, but we promise that Mout Moiwa is stunning at night!

Rated as one of the top 3 night-views in Japan, a round trip on the gondola to the top of the mountain costs 1,700JPY for adults and 850JPY for children. The gondola runs in the summer (1st-Apr-30th-Nov) from 10:30-22:00 and the winter (1st-Dec-31st-Mar) from 11:00-22:00, with the last gondola running at 21:30.

The gondola comes every 15 minutes and the trip to the top of the mountain takes about 5 minutes.

Once you’re at the top, the view you will experience is truly breathtaking. A shining view of the Sapporo nightscape unfolds at the front of the observation deck, with the lights of Sapporo’s buildings becoming multi-coloured stars below the clouds.

Looking beyond the city you can see all way out to Ishikari Bay, and view the many mountains throughout the surrounding areas.

A slightly less perfect day weather wise - but beautiful nonetheless and well worth checking out!

However, Mt.Moiwa’s views are not just for viewing on your own.

Mt.Moiwa is also a famous place for romance!

In the center of the night view observation deck stands the Bell of Happiness. It is traditional to ring the bell with your date to wish for happiness and success in your relationship. Encircling the Bell of Happiness is a railing lined with padlocks.

These padlocks are sold in the gift shop below the observation deck and are used for those in relationships to commemorate their love.

Romance on Mt.Moiwa does not end on the observation deck, while on Mt.Moiwa make sure to take your date to Mt.Moiwa’s fine-dining restaurant The Jewels. The Jewels is a famous spot in Sapporo for romance, being a popular spot for special nights out, anniversaries and even proposals.

The highest sitting restaurant in Sapporo, it offers a spectacular night-view over a romantic fine-dining evening. Placing reservations in advance for The Jewels is required and booking is available online and by phone.

Peta and her English friends getting wind-swept-away at the famous Moiwa Bell.

If there is one thing that is universal across all of Japan it is the presence of mascot characters.

Anything that can possibly be represented by a cute creature or animal can be, and Mt.Moiwa is no exception!

By far one of my favorite characters, Mt.Moiwa’s Mo-Risu, is a super adorable Siberian Flying Squirrel! Created due to the abundance of the squirrels on the mountain, you are able to purchase tons of Mo-Risu themed gifts and souvenirs in the gift shop below the observation deck, which also sells other souvenirs and specialty food products of Hokkaido, such as flavoured caramel and potato snacks.

Ayumi with the cutest Moiwa mascot.

Social Bus is a really great way to see Sapporo, and a good option if you would like to check out local spots, like Mount Moiwa, with your group. We do evening hire and night-view tours which include Moiwa and other local view spots in the region at a really reasonable price.

However, you can also take the street car and free bus to the base of the mountain!

Enjoy Mt. Moiwa this summer!

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