Multi-Day Tours

Explore Hokkaido freely and see the hidden-gems of the region.

Kushiro Cranes

Shakotan Blue

Hokkaido Fall Leaves

Hokkaido Night Views

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan

Hakodate Views

Mashu Scenery

Travel Hokkaido with Friends

Design your own unique day or multi-day tour with support from our friendly local team. We will work out costs with you depending on your group size, the travel distances, and accommodation required for our team members.

We recommend this option if you are looking to travel to the further Northern, Southern or Eastern parts of Hokkaido as public transport can be expensive and difficult to time comfortably.

Hokkaido is worth seeing in its fullness though, and we have many recommendations for you and your group!

Email us at today for a quotation and free travel consultation about your next adventure.

Why choose Social Bus?

There are so many advantages to using a private charter bus for your travel arrangements.

  • Charter buses are an environmentally friendly option when compared to regular car travel, reducing the amount of carbon emissions produced by your party.
  • Charter buses eliminate the stress of driving in a new place, scheduling your group, or being a designated driver. You also don’t have to worry about bad weather, transporting luggage or language barriers.
  • Charter bus travel is one of the safest forms of transport. Social Bus prides itself on staying up to date with latest safety procedures and places a huge importance of safety. Our drivers are experienced in driving in all types of weather and conditions and you can trust their commitment to getting you to your destination safely and in a timely manner.
  • Charter buses are a great way to travel at a reasonable cost per person. When dividing the cost of the charter bus by the number of people in your party, you will see that per passenger the cost of the bus rental is very reasonable when compared to other modes of transportation.
  • Bus travel is fun! You can eat, drink and socialise right on the bus, kick back and relax on the journey, and focus fully on your family and friends.