Corporate Travel

The most relaxing way to arrange travel for your team.

Social Bus is the perfect choice for your next corporate or company travel.

Business is a group activity and for this reason charter buses and group travel is perfectly suited to provide for corporate functions and events.

We offer bus rental for hourly, daily or multi-day rates and promise to be professional, affordable and flexible in working with you to meet your needs.

Email us at today for a quotation or free consultation about your travel needs.

Why choose Social Bus?

There are a number of advantages to using a charter bus for your corporate travel, including:

  • Saving money on transport per group member, not to mention parking fees, gasoline and highway tolls.
  • Easy and flexible coordination for your groups and employees, including pick-up, drop-off and the logistics of arriving at an event together at the same time.
  • Being able to use your travel time productively. You might want to reply to emails, review notes, discuss business, or simply get to know colleagues and business associates through the journey. Everything is possible on a charter bus.
  • Smoothing out any glitches or problems in your itinerary by making all of the arrangements before hand with our team to advise and offer guidance.
  • Relying on professional drivers to navigate traffic, parking and figure out directions.

It’s a completely stress-free experience for your next corporate event!