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Working Holiday Japan – a little guidebook

Hey potential, thinking-it-through, Working-Holiday-er,

Welcome to Working Holiday Japan: a little guidebook by Social Bus.

I’m Peta, your friendly English guide, and I want to help you prepare for your Working Holiday in Japan in the most positive of ways. When I first came to Japan long-term (as opposed to a month or two), I used a Working Holiday visa.

It was great. Relatively straight-forward to apply for, gave me the flexibility of being able to work, study Japanese and travel, and meant that I could really test out for myself if Japan was the place for me longer term.

But I also know that Japan isn’t always the easiest place to get settled in. The language is challenging for English speakers, and short-term work, accommodation options and registration documents can seem intimidating, to say the least.

But I promise it’s worth it! Whether you come to Japan for a year and have a life-changing experience, or whether (as is my story), your Working Holiday is the platform into something longer-term, spending a year immersing yourself in a different culture is an incredible experience.

It’s not always easy, but it is exciting, full-of-adventure, and a way to grow in ways you didn’t know were possible.

I’ve now been living in Japan for a number of years. My husband is Japanese, and together with our team, we run a company called Social Compass, based in north island of Hokkaido. Our company has two parts to it – our guesthouses (Social Hostels) and our bus company (Social Bus).

Alongside our full-time team, we are always looking for short-term or part-time staff who are coming to Japan using a Working Holiday visa . We have had many amazing team members join us as part of their year-long experience, and we love to offer practical support that can make the experience as full and fun as possible.

So this guidebook is for you, potential Working Holiday traveler.

Whether or not you make it to Hokkaido, I hope it is a source of help and encouragement.

And, if you do make it to Hokkaido, please be sure to get in touch. Hopefully we can work together in the future and help spread the beauty of Japan and the kindness of the people here all over the world.

Love & Peace


(UK girl, living in the north of Japan, working for Social Bus, connect with me at

This is me - just if you want to put a face to the name!

Download our FREE Working Holiday Guidebook below.

Working Holiday Japan – a little guidebook

Working Holiday Japan