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Introducing Mezamashi Sandwich

Introducing: Mezamashi Sandwich

So today I want to introduce another of our businesses, and a place that we definitely recommend checking out if you are in Sapporo:

Mezamashi Sandwich.

Located about 5 minutes walk from Odori Park (the TV Tower end!) it’s super-convenient to call in and say hello!

Welcome to Mezamashi Sandwich
Welcome to Mezamashi Sandwich.

Now, Mezamashi literally means ‘to wake up’ in Japanese, and this place is a perfect mixture of a sandwich cafe that opens from 8am in the morning, and a great guesthouse attached on the side.

mezamashi cafe front
The perfect spot to take a break and relax on your Sapporo travel.

It’s a concept that was completely thought up by Soichi, my husband’s business partner, and there are an amazing Mezamashi team who do a great job working in the cafe and guesthouse combo!

They mix everything from sandwich-making and coffee-brewing, through to the regular cleaning, check-ins and communication that comes with running the guesthouse.

It’s busy, fun and they will always make you super welcome.

cafe wall art
Mezamashi also has some beautiful wall-art to check out!

So let me explain the two different parts of Mezamashi.

1. The Cafe

We open from 8am – 5pm (Tuesday is a holiday), so it’s the perfect timing for breakfast, lunch or just a mid-afternoon coffee-break.

The sandwiches come in a variety of different flavours but all of our bread uses locally-sourced, delicious rice flour.

If you’re coming from overseas, the flavours may also look a little different than you’re used to!

There is a very Japanese-style filling take on these sandwiches, which is something delicious and new. Rolled-egg, grilled ginger pork, potato salad, steamed soy-flavour chicken, baked salmon and a monthly changing specials menu are among the styles to try.

Sandwich prices start at 390JPY + tax.

Mezamashi Cafe Egg Sandwich
Mezamashi Roll Egg Sandwich.
Mezamashi Chicken Sandwich.
Mezamashi Chicken Sandwich.
Sweet Sandwich
Mezamashi Ice Cream Sandwich... getting hungry yet??

Sandwiches aren’t the only thing on offer though, you can also enjoy a variety of soups and drinks if you just want a quick break or catch up with friends.

Potato potage, bacon, tomato & egg, and a changing monthly special are some soups to definitely try!

(Prices start at 350JPY + tax).

carrot soup
Mezamashi Monthly Soup.
monthly specials
Some of the brilliant monthly specials to try!

Drinks include a great selection of fresh coffees, teas, fruit juices, and even a hot chocolate-marshmallow special.

(Prices start at 290JPY + tax).

hot chocolate marshmallow
Isn't marshmallow hot chocolate a beautiful thing??!

We also offer set combinations, so if you fancy a bit of everything, it’s no problem at all!

Mezamashi set menu
Can't decide? Try the set menu for a bit of everything!!

Eat in or take away, just pop in for a coffee, or stick around to study, read or relax… Mezamashi cafe is the place to relax.

Great people, fresh and delicious food and drinks, and a super-chilled atmosphere.

Perfect Sapporo!

(My husband made the furniture in the cafe too, so if you check it out and like it, feel free to get in touch. This is some of my favourite out of his furniture creations! ;))

Mezamashi coffee
Fresh coffee is always brewing.
Mezamashi furniture
One of my husband's hand-made tables... 😉

2. The Hostel

If you are looking to stay, the cafe definitely makes things convenient as you can order fresh breakfast each morning. But, there are plenty of other reasons to stay too.

Mezamashi hostel has two small, comfortable, quiet dorm rooms, so you aren’t sharing space with more than 7 other guests. We also have a separate 4 person room that’s available for private bookings if you are travelling with a few friends and want some privacy.

The facilities are brand new, clean and spacious, and you are right in the centre of the city.

Mezamashi hostel
Mezamashi hostel dormitories are spacious and lovely!
Mezamashi lounge
Mezamashi lounge space for hostel guests who want to relax.
Mezamashi dorm
Mezamashi 4-person room - perfect for travel with friends!

We would love to welcome you to stay!

We’re thinking of offering our Social Bus guests the chance to add a breakfast or lunch option to their booking, and Mezamashi seems ideal!

What do you think?

If you had a long tour ahead, would a hot sandwich and coffee make your morning a bit brighter?

Oh, and if you want to know my regular order… I go for a roll-egg sandwich with potato potage and milk tea! Amazing!!

We even threw Ochan and Soichi a surprise birthday party here last year!

You can check out the Mezamashi website yourself HERE.

Or here’s the address is you want to call in!


Mezamashi Sandwich

We're waiting for you at Mezamashi Sandwich! <3

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