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Konnichiwa From Will

The second person who we are going to introduce isn’t necessarily a new summer addition, but a volunteer who has been with us for a couple of months already! A little bit different than the interns, he has been volunteering with us, dedicating his time due to similar passions and out of kindness. We are happy to introduce Will, coming from the far reaches of the USA!

Will helping on a trip with Social Bus in Hokkaido.

Fact File

Full name: Will Roach

Age: 20 years

Home Town: San Francisco, California, USA

Schooling: 5 months learning Japanese in Sapporo
In the near future he will be attending Kyushu University for Tourism and Hospitality

Work Experience: 4 months working at Uniqlo

Amount of time spent in Japan: 3 months this year and 2 months last year

Special Talents: Balancing miscellaneous objects on his head

Will, the balance master!

Rapid Fire Question and Answer

Will’s Rapid Fire Question and Answer period was extremely unique in the sense that he was incredibly thoughtful in his answers and dedicated time to answer them properly and to his complete satisfaction. Because it was such an interesting process we would like to present it to you in an equally memorable way, a screenplay.

Act 1, Scene 1

Fade in:

Sitting across the living room from the interviewer the protagonist, Will, settles in to be questioned. With a belly full of cake, he opens himself up to idea of being interviewed.

Interviewer: So Will, to begin, what has been your favourite place you have visited in Hokkaido?

Will looks towards the interviewer ready to respond knowing immediately what his answer will be.

Will: My favourite place would be Otaru as the streets are very beautiful, although the main street can be a little crowded.

He nods his head in affirmation of his response.

End Scene

Trip to Otaru with the best wingman, Daichi!

Act 1, Scene 2

Getting a sense that these questions may not be too horrible, Will prepares and awaits the second question, with a hint of amusement sparkling in his eyes.

Interviewer: Alright, on to the next. If you were to recommend one item that people should bring to Hokkaido, what would it be?

A little taken aback by the change in severity of the question, Will takes time to ponder what would be the ultimate item to bring to Hokkaido. Finally thinking of the perfect answer Will looks to the interviewer with determination on his face and states…

Will: A scarf. Just because whenever you think its going to get warmer, it continues to get colder…

Again, a nod of accomplishment is his signal to end his answer.

End Scene

Act 1, Scene 3

Straight to the point, the interviewer presses on, gifting the protagonist with another question.

Interviewer: What would be your favourite Japanese treat or snack?

Sucking in a breath of air, Will attempts to hide his gasp that was fuelled by pure excitement. He attempts to play it cool by acting as if he is seriously trying to figure out an answer.

Will: This answer is too difficult. (Pondering)

Will: Poifull. Definitely Poifull.

The interviewer and an onlooker gaze at him with shocked expressions.

Onlooker: Poifull, really? They’re like a bad attempt at jellybeans.

The man in questions looks to the onlooker with a hurt face and begins to heavily debate the benefits and attributes of Poifull. He states with conviction…

Will: The first time I ate them, my world view was opened.

The two others are unconvinced. The protagonist feels personally attacked that the other people don’t like Poifull.

End Scene

It's not Poifull, but its the second best treat!

Act 1, Scene 4 (final scene)

Attempting to raise the spirit of a hurt Will, the interviewer decides to quickly change the subject.

Interviewer: Last question, If there was one thing you could bring back from Japan to the USA, what would it be? (whispers the last bit) and it can’t be Poifull…

Crossing his arms, and gaining a serious look on his face, Will thoroughly ponders the question. He would think of something, and then instantly shake his head rethinking his response. Will goes through this exact process about 5 times before he tells the interviewer.

Will: but I live in San Francisco, I can literally just import anything there and there are stores in the USA dedicated to Japanese goods….

The interviewer looks at the Protagonist with a deadpan expression.

Interviewer: Just decide Will…

Will looks to the person questioning him with an equally unimpressed look.

Will: Fine, I’d say Tatami Mats and Futon for sleeping. I get way better sleeps on these than I do on a bed. Wait… maybe I don’t want to use that answer…

And with that the interviewer immediately ends the interview.

End Act

Seriously contemplating all the questions!

Interview about Japan and Plans for Social Bus

1. Why did you decide to come to Japan?

I like the overall culture of Japan.

2. What have you been doing in Hokkaido previous to coming to Social Bus?

Last year I was studying at a language school and this year I came straight back to Social Bus.

3. Why did you choose to become involved with Social Bus?

Last year I was in Hokkaido and fell in love with the area and want other’s to fall in love with Hokkaido as well.

The Social Bus team in their natural state of being!

We hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about Will! Even though he has been with us for some time already, we are excited that you are now all able to meet him! He has brought so much to Social Bus and we are sure that his talents will continue to benefit the company and our vision!

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